This week, I had the honour of being named as a finalist for the 2015 Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Awards in the Entrepreneur Category.

I absolutely believe that health and environment are intertwined.

Environment impacts everyone.Envrionment-and-People-Venn

I established SavinGreen in 2010 to demonstrate that a commercial business model adopting the principles of “people, planet, profit” could enable all Australians to contribute positively to our environment. Our model does not rely on government legislation or complex trading schemes. It ties environmental benefit directly to consumer choice.


We have targeted services that are used everyday by business and individuals, delivering these at a compelling price point to capture the widest audience. Our consumers do not need to invest substantial time or extra money to make an impact. They need only to consciously consider their choice.

SavinGreen utilizes its own services to create a “virtual office model” leveraging partnerships to keep overheads low and our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Carnaby CockatooThrough this model, SavinGreen has generated annual revenue of over $4.5 million and been responsible for the biodiversity planting of more than 50,000 trees through our partner, Carbon Neutral. The impact is a lifetime oxygen source for more than 100,000 people, regeneration of homes for our native fauna, including the endangered Carnaby Cockatoo, and contribution to the creation of a carbon sink.

The SavinGreen business model is easily replicable and could be applied across any industry to generate social, economic and environmental impact through conscious consumerism.

Selection as a Finalist for this Award is recognition that a business which has the courage to be authentically purpose driven and aims to empower consumers, CAN be successful and CAN create positive change.

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