NBN: What You Need to Know

The National Broadband Network is a new communications network to replace the existing copper system. It will mean you get voice and data over the NBN. It’s being rolled out by the government-owned NBN Co but you will need a NBN Retail Service Provider to connect.

Data Speeds are described as “download speed/upload speed in megabits per second”
NBN will be able to deliver from 12mbps up to 100mbps download speeds depending on the retail plan you choose. The actual speed you will experience however will vary. This is affected by the computer you use, your internal wiring, the performance of your hardware you use to connect to the service, factors interfering with wi-fi connectivity, whether you have a Fibre, Wifi or Satellite NBN service.

NBN CO will install equipment to the premise or service boundary. This usually includes the external connection plus an internal NBN Connection box. An optional Battery Back Up may be installed in some cases. There is no charge for a standard installation. Charges may be incurred if the installation is determined by NBN CO to not be standard

Phone and Data Services provided on the NBN require power to work. This means in the event of power failure or black-outs you will not be able to make Phone Calls. An Optional Battery Back Up can be selected to be installed. This requires an additional power supply box to be installed. The Battery Back Up will keep selected Phone services and internet services running for up to 5 hours. For people who want the certainty of phone or broadband service that will continue to work during a power outage, Battery Back Up is recommended. Battery Back Up is Mandatory for any Priority Users.

More information can be obtained from: NBN Co Website . You may also request a Brochure with more information.
We will take you through a checklist as part of your installation process to help determine if this is the appropriate option for you.

NBN Compatible Hardware is required to enable delivery for a number of services. SavinGreen provides this hardware so that it may be configured appropriately and to be able to provide ongoing technical support. There are options for upfront purchase or monthly payment instalments for most items.

For Home Services you may require:
-A Home Gateway: this is provided for self-install at no charge
-A NBN compatible router for faster WiFi
-IP Handset(s):
Siemens A510+ Base s
Siemens C610+ Base provided
Additional handsets can be added (maximum 3 for home service)

There is a once off $29 Delivery Charge for Hardware.

For Business Services you may require:
-A Business Grade NBN compatible router
-IP Handsets and Switches may be required. Provision for these are with your Digital Office Phone Service

Delivery Charge will vary from $29 to a maximum of $99 depending on the number of items ordered.