2016-earth_saver_turquoise-pointing-leftFixed Wireless NBN
from $59.90/mth


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  • Fixed Wireless NBN

    Fixed Wireless NBN

    Choose Your Speed

    12/1mbps  or 25/5mbps

    and then

    Choose Your Data

    From 50Gb to Unlimited

    Anytime quota.
    Change your data allowance up to 3 times during the term of your agreement without charge!

  • Fixed Wireless NBN Voice Options

    Choose A Voice Option

    If you have access to Fixed Wireless NBN you can choose to add a Digital Voice Service

    SavinGreen My Home VoiceBox
    Suitable for home, SOHO and some Small Businesses

    SavinGreen Digital Office Phone System
    Designed for business that require have more complex telephone requirements

    Keep Your Copper Wire Services
    If you are in a NBN Fixed Wireless area you may elect to keep your current copper wire service.
    SavinGreen offers special discount pricing for this service to our Fixed Wireless Clients.

  • NBN Fixed Wireless: What You Need to Know

    NBN Fixed Wireless is part of the National Broadband Network being rolled out by NBN Co.

    NBN Fixed Wireless extends the availability of high speed internet beyond the fixed line footprint.

    This provides access to high speed, reliable internet in areas where previous high speed internet has not been available.

    NBN Fixed Wireless uses advanced technology called LTE (commonly known as 4G) to deliver high speed internet to areas where fibre internet is not accessible.

    A Wireless access link is provided from your home to a Wireless Base Station.

    Each base station is designed to deliver signal to a fixed number of premises within each coverage range. This means that the bandwidth per household is designed to be more consistent than mobile wireless, even in peak times of use.

    Unlike a mobile broadband service where speeds may be more affected by the number of people, the speed available in a fixed wireless network is designed to remain relatively steady.

    NBN Fixed Wireless is available in 2 speeds: 12Mbps/1Mbps and 25Mbps/5Mbps.

    Actual speed will depend on a number of factors outside our control like equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how the end user’s service provider designs its network

    If your NBN service is Fixed Wireless you can choose to retain your standard telephone line in addition to connection to the NBN.

    SavinGreen provides Digital Voice Services that can be delivered over NBN Fixed Wireless Data service if you wish to access lower rate calls and other Digital Voice Service features.


Monthly Data Allowance



50GB (anytime)


($1.20 per GB)
($1437.60 over 24 months)

($1.30 per GB)
($1557.60 over 24 months)

100GB (anytime)


($0.65 per GB)
($1557.60 over 24 months)

($0.70 per GB)
($1677.60 over 24 months)

250Gb (anytime)


($0.28 per GB)
($1677.60 over 24 months)

($0.30 per GB)
($1797.60 over 24 months)

500GB (anytime)


($0.18 per GB)
($2133.60 over 24 months)

($0.19 per GB)
($2253.60 over 24 months)

Unlimited GB (anytime)


($2373.60 over 24 months)

($2493.60 over 24 months)
No Activation Fee
Free Standard NBN Installation
Free Standard Home Network Gateway (once off $27.50 inc GST shipping)
No Excess Data: Speed slows to 256Kbps when limit reached
Can change Data Allowance (3 changes for free)
Can change Data Speed for once off $30 charge
Reduce to 12 month minimum term with $15 per month surcharge

Upgrade to Netcomm 16WV-02 Router WiFi 600Mbps once off $159 (RRP $199) on 24 Month Agreement
plus once off $27.50 inc GST shipping and handling)

Discount Price for your Copper Line Service
Clients in a Fixed Wireless NBN area can elect to keep their copper line service for Voice use

SavinGreen offers a Special Discount Package for this Service when you take up your NBN Fixed Wireless service with us


  • My Home VoiceBox

    Starting at $0 per Month

    SavinGreen My Home VoiceBox is a Digital Phone Service that is compatible with any type of internet connection including ADSL, NBN and NBN Fixed Wireless

    -Take advantage of lower call rates.

    -Your Phone Number can move with you.

    -Includes a Voice to Email message service

    -Call Packages can be added

    -Can add a Fax to Email service

    This service uses our SavinGreen Digital Phone Platform. Your Phone Number is linked to your IP Handset. You can plug your handset into any internet connection with a compatible router and your number will stay the same.
    This service will require a Home Network Gateway or Router that is compatible with your Data Connection and an IP Handset. Hardware needs to be provided by SavinGreen to ensure appropriate configuration, compatibility and support.

  • My Home VoiceBox Prices

    Bronze-Label“Pay as  you use” for calls


    per month

    Silver-Label Includes All Local and National Calls


    per month

    Gold-LabelIncludes All Local, National and Mobile Calls (to Australian Mobile Numbers)


    per month

    Platinum-Label Includes All Local, National and Mobile Calls (to Australian Mobile Numbers) and 13/1300


    per month

  • My Home VoiceBox PAYU Call Rates

    Great Rates for Calls not included in Your Package

    Local Calls 15c

    National Calls 15c untimed

    Calls to Mobiles 27 per min* , 27c minimum, (cost of 2min call 44c)

    Calls to 1300/ 13 Numbers 25c

    International Calls: From 3c per minute, 5c connection

    International Call Pack $10 per month includes unlimited International calls to landlines in 34 Countries

    *all timed calls are billed in 30sec increments