NEWS: May 2016

SavinGreen CEO, Dr Elizabeth Sigston, has been featured in this months edition of Surgical News, a publication by The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

“Not Just A Surgeon” 2016-05-10-surgical-news-may-2016 by Karen Murphy

NEWS: 1st September 2015

SavinGreen is delighted to share that our partner, Carbon Neutral, with its Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor has become the first Australian project to be awarded official Gold Standard Certification.

Gold Standard works to create a climate secure world where sustainable growth brings life-changing benefits to communities everywhere. Their role is as a standard and certification body with the purpose to maximise the impact of climate and development activities. Gold Standard designs the strongest processes that amplify the impact of efforts to deliver clean energy and water, responsibly manage land and forests, and transform lives of the world’s poor. They then verify those outcomes, inspiring greater confidence that drives investment to accomplish even more.

SavinGreen: A Real Action Plan for Saving Our Planet

This video explains how our SavinGreen employs a Conscious Corporate business model to create environmental sustainability and highlights what has been achieved so far.

SavinGreen: About Us

Learn about SavinGreen and the philosophy behind our Company… why we do what we do.

More than just Planting Trees, Creating environmental sustainability

Being involved in regenerating a natural biodiversity habitat is more than simply planting trees, it helps to support our eco-system and provides homes for our natural wild life, including the endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo

Carbon Neutral: Our Partners in Bio-diverse Habitat Planting

Learn about Carbon Neutral, our partners in generating sustainability