The primary purpose of SavinGreen is to promote environmental sustainability. This is achieved by employing a conscious corporate business  model. We have created a voluntary offset program that ties all our sales to  the planting of trees.

Key points are:

  • SavinGreen  is not a charity
  • Tree planting is tied to Consumer activity, not Company profit.
  • Each Consumer can quantify directly the impact of their choice.
  • SavinGreen plants trees by making contributions to Carbon Neutral, an Australian Profit for Purpose Comapny based in W.A.
  • Contributions are made at no extra cost to our Clients

SavinGreen has a formal “Tree Planting Policy” that enables our Consumers to see measure how their choices converts to trees. This is updated from time to time in line with current economic climate. This is back by the “SavinGreen Conscious Guarantee”