Living-Consciously-NBrandenConscious Economy: this is a term that is being heard more and more frequently, but what does it mean, and more importantly, what does it mean for you, your family and your future?

It is, in essence, the increasing awareness on a global scale, that money isn’t everything. Increasingly social and environmental impacts are as important as bottom line profit.
John Elkington, founder of SustainAbility and world authority on corporate responsibility, calls this the triple bottom line, summed up nicely as “People, Planet, Profits”.

The Conscious Economy is the shift away from governments and large corporates as the primary drivers of our economy focused solely on bottom line finances, allowing “cost effective”degradation of our environment to happen, back to the Consumer, who is increasingly becoming awake to the consequences of business actions. The Consumer is empowered to make a difference, by making a conscious choice.

A Conscious Economy is the market based approach to affect social and environmental change.